Yes Baby!

”Who are you? The person you want to be? Or the one you think others want you to be? Do you reflect on your own needs and feelings? We all say yes – or no – although we don’t really want to. Or do we know what we really want?

Society and our way of living can be looked upon as a form of relationship or marriage where we often respond to each other’s needs with ”Yes baby”. The photographs in the project Yes baby! reflects on how we use our bodies and every kind of accessory to build the images of ourselves to please. based on how we think others want us to be, act, or be seen. It all started finishing up a job in Stockholm.

It was late afternoon and I had just taken the last picture of a fashion assignment. as we were carrying our equipment through the foyer of the building, a number of animal heads mounted on the wall caught my eye. my thoughts were drawn to the model i had just photographed, posed in a fur waistcoat. I had portrayed her, as the job demanded, with just the right amount of absence. an object, practically soulless. Like those dead-eyed animal trophies hanging on that wall. and since then, I’ve been thinking.

I’ve been thinking about how we conform to what is expected of us and the construction of our facades. How concerned we are about what other people think of us and how we look. How we use clothes, cars, houses, dogs, children, our wives and husbands as to accessorize. not to mention the distorted idea of what a ”healthy” body looks like.

It took me three years to complete these ideas, the images and the project.

Reinvent yourself! Become who you want to be. Live your life. Yes baby!